March 27, 2009

My Blog Layout Changes

Hey Everyone!!!

Yes, I am actually posting something on my blog, but unfortunately you are probably going to be a little disappointed. I just want to let everyone know that due to some "unexpected circumstances" (AKA, I didn't create a back-up of my previous blog layout) If you happen to stumble across my page while I'm creating the new layouts you may see some crazy colors and other odd changes while it's in progress. (I'm sure the level of "craziness" it is currently at right now is scary enough for you!!)

As far as a REAL update goes, I assure you it is on its way, probably more sooner than you all believe!!

Thanks for all of your support of me & my cancer fight.

Stay Tuned... The Blog will be back to "normal" as soon as the new design is finished :)

Have a great Friday!