October 05, 2011

Latest Bucket List Items.....

Sit in First Class 

Have a truly amazing one - night stand ..... (Is this even possible??) Kidding...

Buy a $100 bottle of wine and share it with your oldest friends (Does this mean age, or length of friendship??...Again... Kidding :) )

Have a local restaurant deliver breakfast in bed for two

Send someone a "just thinking of you" card

Have your palm or tarot cards read

Walk on the beach in winter

Don't save for a few days (who HASN'T done this??)

Order myself a birthday cake 

It's been a rough day....and insomnia has gotten the best of me. So tired, but just can't sleep. Lots to do though, so I guess it can be a good thing. Definitely have lots of very good things going. Excited about a lot that is coming up. A more lengthy update later in the day.

Love & Hope,


1 Comment:

Tanner said...

Vivacious...that's the word that comes to mind EVERY time I come to your blog, no matter your mood, the timing, or the event in question. Onward and upward, right? :)