October 06, 2011

Things Cancer Has Taught Me...

This may be another one of my ongoing "lists" because I know I'll miss lots of things cancer has taught me in just one post Anyway, today I just feel like taking a little time to remind myself some of the things I have learned from cancer. Some of the things I still tend to forget, even after going on 4 years of battling this horrible disease. In order to stay hopeful, I think it's important to keep some of these "things learned the hard way" in front of your mind, not in the back where they are simply forgotten until another rough day comes around.

Yes, cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to a 21 year old, however, I wouldn't trade in the experience for anything. It has made me the person I am today. Cancer has taught me true determination and how to reach deep inside of myself when I thought I had nothing left to give, and to find the strength and will somewhere in myself. It has taught me that I can do and accomplish anything.

1. The first thing I realized and said to myself after I processed and accepted that yes, I did have cancer and there was no more denying it was "Well, Crap. I guess I'm not really as indestructible as I thought, this can happen to me". I think everyone, whether they admit it or not, at least on the surface, believes that nothing will happen to them... it's always someone else, until it happens to you. I realized that I am not guaranteed another 50 years in this world and that I have to live every day for that day, not for the future, or in the past, but for TODAY. Each day is a gift.

2. Cancer has taught me to LOVE and TRULY appreciate my family, for everything they are, everything they have done, and everything they have done. I would never, ever have made it this far without them. They cry for me, they pray for me, they visit me, they make me STRONG.

3. Cancer has taught me to truly TREASURE my life I guess this is similar to number one, but it's taught me the value of life. It has taught me to be THANKFUL that I have the ability to walk around, go shopping, attend school, have a few drinks with the best friends I could ask for, to truly be able to LIVE.

4. Cancer has taught me that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

5. I have learned who my TRUE friends are, and the friends who were never friends, I have slowly learned how to let go of the people who were not true friends, no matter how badly it may have hurt at the time. The people who matter in my life know it, and to me that's all that matters.

So yes, I want to get this up and posted, I've worked on it a while now. I have decided it definitely is going to be ongoing, because I can already think of more things I have learned from cancer on my journey, I don't want to get to lengthly either though, so be watching for additional posts

As always, love & hope,



joe brickner said...

when i first met you i had no idea you were sick... ur attitude towards life is amazing.. you live everyday to fullest and treat everyone with respect..i am glad ur my friend and will always be here for you ..stay strong

TH said...

Hi Stacy,

I know what you are saying. All true in my case as well when I was told "You have cancer".. and the long 1 year journey. Especially No 1 and No 5. And for No 5, I found more new ones than lost old ones. It is amazing who you actually meet.

My brother, relatives and friends too notice major changes in my attitude now.. I must be one crappy SOB.. before I got cancer.. Not saying I am an angle now...either... hehe :)

Keep strong and may you have peace in your life.


Matt said...

I love your fighting attitude towards dealing with cancer! I had a scare this year with thyroid cancer, and knowing how you dealt with it really helped me keep things in perspective. Knowing that it is something to be dealt with, and not a death sentence, and that it doesn't have to dominate your life is the best take away I could have. Thank you for being you!

agatchel001 said...

Hey Stacy. First of all, i love the blog! & second of all, i am glad i was fortunate enough to have a wonderful friend like you & looking at everything you went through & posting about it gives a lot of people hope. It's a shame you have to suffer through this at such a young age, but i'm very impressed at how strong of a person you are & still trying to take on the world & fight through it. I couldn't imagine how tough everything had to have been for you. & I am also very glad you are still with us today. :)

Jeaneane said...

What a great blog! Cancer has taught me that quickly strangers become family. So man people have touched me whole i have been helping my hubby battle cance.r Thanks for the share.