December 23, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

Hey Everyone!!

This second blog entry sure has been a long time coming, I certainly have MANY updates for you.

Nana's Box Nana's Box is a nonprofit service committed to providing a photo box to cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. Nana's Box offers this service to the individual patient with the help and support of families, and those volunteers interested in the emotional support of cancer patients. Here are some photos of the gorgeous box I received from this amazing organization. For more information about Nana's Box, please Click Here.

In addition to the beautiful box that was made and sent to me by Nana's Box, I also had the opportunity to tell some of my cancer story on the Nana's Box Fabulous Friday Feature this past week. Make sure to visit and check it out!! Click on the Button Below to view my Story!!

There is so much more I have to update about, but last minute Christmas shopping is calling. I will certainly continue this afternoon!

Everyone have a great day!!!

December 04, 2008

Finally.... I Did It!!

So, my many blog friends I have met since my battle with cancer began in October, 2007 will tell you, this blog has been SUCH a long time coming! And I couldn't be more excited to finally get it up and running! I have met so many fantastic people through blogging since this entire cancer experience began. There are so many amazing cancer support networks out there and so many organizations that are doing amazing AMAZING things for people with cancer - I cannot thank you enough! You will find links to their pages everywhere on my blog in the future - I assure you.

So, here's to my first of many blog posts....
Cancer WILL Lose,